Warcraft: The Beginning

Keeping this post short.
Good Movie, not Great Movie.
It felt like there was a lot cut out (Apparently 40mins worth was).
I think this is a really positive direction for movies based on video games to be headed.
I can’t wait for a directors cut. 

7/10 – Go and see it!
It may not be the movie we deserved, but perhaps this is the movie we needed, if not just to get the franchise off the ground. I really think a sequel will prove what is capable.

Represent! #warcraft
Just a frostmourne necklace I put together in preparation of seeing the #warcraftmovie tomorrow!

I am freaking exhausted, wasted like 90mins on the train just to hand in my first assignment of this trimester after having a 2 trimester break. But on the plus side, my #music #scarfs were in the mail when I got home

To True.

Sunday Simon is working on music and drinking cider… Thinking I currently look like I belong in a 90’s boy band